Preparing for Hurricane Season 2020
Are you ready for Hurricane Season?
Posted on 07/28/2020
Hurricane Season 2020

The time to develop and practice your emergency plan is prior to hurricane season. Some things to consider when creating your plan are:

Know your risks.
In which Storm Surge/Evacuation Zone do you live? Find my evacuation zone
Are you in a flood zone? Find my flood zone
Do you live in a mobile or manufactured home?
What year was your house built?
Does your house have storm shutters?

Prepare several evacuation or sheltering options for your family.
Shelter at home if it is safe from winds and storm surge waters.
Shelter outside of the evacuation area, with a friend, or at a hotel.
Go to a Public Shelter if you have no other safe place to go.

Prepare your Emergency Supply Kit before the start of hurricane season.
Add a few pieces to your supply kit each week so that it doesn't break your budget. Remember to check your kit often and rotate the non-perishable food in your kit.

Print your Emergency Supply List / Prepare sus Suministros (Español)

Secure items in and around your home before tropical storm force winds arrive.
Be sure all family members know who to call or where to gather if you become separated.

Let family and friends in other locations know your evacuation plans.

The Family Emergency Plan is a great tool to help you create a plan that is specific to your family's needs:
Download Family Emergency Plan

American Sign Language Videos to Help You be Prepared

  1. Planning for Emergencies for Floridians with Disabilities and Special Health Care Needs
  2. Evacuation Checklist
  3. Learn the Difference Between a Hurricane Watch and a Hurricane Warning
  4. Special Needs Registry
  5. Emergency Supply Kit

For more information please visit the Lee County Emergency Management Website.